PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center Staff

Adam Garber
PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center
Field Director
(215) 732-5897 ext. 2

As the field director for PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center, Adam helps to coordinate PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center’s efforts to educate the public about the state’s most pressing environmental issues, increase civic participation, and garner media coverage to inform concerned Pennsylvanians.  

Before joining PennEnvironment in the fall of 2007, Adam worked as the energy and consumer associate for the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG).  During his tenure at NJPIRG he helped to pass one of the nation's strongest renewable energy standards, promote energy efficiency, and promote clean, safe energy production in New Jersey.  In addition, Adam has run citizen outreach office in New Jersey and Georgia to mobilize citizens around environmental issues.

Adam graduated from St. John's College- Annapolis in 2005 with a degree in liberal arts.